Our company is engaged in molding Technical Articles Rubber, Silicone & Rubber Metal.

So far he has to employ 14 staff rotating on three shifts, experience in the field of molding is twenty years.

It was born in 1997 in Plemo of Esine, but already with a past experience in the ’80s with Mr. Giovanni Carioli.

We supply products mainly for the following industries: automotive, plumbing and appliances.

We produce technical rubber products such as headphones for constant velocity joints, Forlife, steering rack bellows, buffers, cable, picture frames, pot holders, elastic supports rubber-metal.

In 2013 the company extended its product range by introducing among its plants the press Terenzio VIP175 / M / 1050 for the molding of silicone colored and transparent.

Our company can also, starting from the design of the customer to complete the entire practice to get to the finished product through preventive, molds, samples, etc.

For both internal management and a greater quality of services and products since 2005  have ISO 9001:2015 certification issued by the certification  Dekra.